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The TGV That Could


24 September 2016: SALT CITY, LAGO GRANDE 

Explosions fill the air of Lago Grande in the basin and range terrain east of the Sierra Nevada, but it isn’t a resurgence of Ouaren Gough and his junta. It’s leveling and clearing the pathways for a joint venture between Japan, Alta California and Louisianne, a TGV connection from Meidji-dò to Louisianne, with the intent of carrying passengers, but more often, cargo.

Since the beginnings of the Louisiannan-Japanese trade agreements, work has quietly progressed from Meidji City and the Alpes-Rocheuses, and in the last fifteen years work has progressed secretly, under guide of a simple freight line through the now economically viable Lago Grande, across the Central Valley of Montrei, towards a unifying meetup in the basin and range territory.

For a time this chemin de fer seemed to stall, as Montrei balked at the prospect, and plans were considered through Alta California instead. These were also fought by locals. For a year, no work was completed, until the powerful fruit lobby of Rancho Santa Rosa convinced Montrei’s parliamentarians that the opportunity to reach a wider market to the east for the fruits and vegetables grown in Montrei, if missed, would be catastrophic.

In about seven more months, the railway will be completed, and freight and passengers will soon be flying East and West, knitting together the American continent in a more peaceful coexistence.