IBAP: Louisianan Campaigns in Full Sway


NEW CORNWALL, Nauvoo-la-Belle (4 August 2016 / 18 Thermidor CCXXIV)

On every street corner there seems to be someone shaking every passersby’s hand. It’s a nearly ubiquitous sight on the streets of any city in Louisianne. Why are they doing it?

Campaign season, for local city offices, prefectural parliaments, departmental parliaments, and in one race, that of the perfect.

Here in New Cornwall, however, one party is facing a steep uphill battle. Droit et Droite surged forward five years ago with promises of moral rectitude and a return to the mores of yesteryear. In recent years, however they’ve lost ground. Some would say it’s due to the now peaceable Deseret, or Lago Grande, which had served them as a bugbear to incite the electorate. Some would suggest it’s the fading threat of Tejas, or Florida-Caribbea. Others would suggest it’s the scandals that have left many of the candidates in terrible shape in the polls.

Without delving into sordid details, the embattled Droit and Droite party may lose the seats it earned in years past as the voters see them for the one theme party they are.

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