Rolling down the Rails


Ouatchita, LOUISIANNE. 22 Brumaire, CCXXIV (12 November 2015)

At the border crossing between Tejas and Louisianne, King Juan Carlos and First-President Marie-Claire Gildersleeve jointly cut a ribbon across new high-speed rail tracks, the first line connecting Santa Fe to Paris-sur-Mizouri. The second line, connecting southward will inaugurate in January.

This rail-line will also carry high-speed freight, allowing Tejas faster trade with Louisianne and the NAL-SLC, and reciprocal trade arrangements. His Majesty expressed his support for this arrangement, “Too long have we had ill will with our neighbors. By connecting ourselves via rail we hope to knit ourselves into the patchwork of peace. Gad, that’s stuffy. Got to get myself new speech writers.”

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