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RepubliComm I Blasts Off


Île Béni, SAINT-DOMINGUE: 10 Brumaire CCXXIV

From the recently completed spaceport on the île Béni, Louisiannan and Japanese scientists celebrated a double launch today. After years of successful launches with the Raidjù and Raitxo rockets, today’s successful attempt proved the final successful test launch of both the Mercure and Fuxitxò (不死鳥) rockets. Prior launches had not carried any payloads, due to risk of the rockets exploding.

Today’s launch carried the prototype of the Sarutahico III, a larger crewed vessel, capable of carrying and sustaining four bethinauts on longer, construction-focused missions. Long-shelved plans for the Çuxima station have been brought to renewed attention in the last year, and enough materials have accumulated in a parking orbit around the Earth that ATOE has begun to move toward full station construction.

To assist in protecting the bethinauts of Japan and Louisianne, as well as the wider world, two satellites were launched aboard the Fuxitxò rocket, RepubliComm I, a geosynchronous communications satellite to replace aging and failing Télétoile-1, which has far exceeded its original five year life-expectancy. 

Carrying the latest in Solas Teoranta’s integrated circuits and chipsets, and running on a proprietary operating system, RepubliComm I has two orders of magnitude more capacity for broadcast, and between aerostat uplinks and other satellites in the RepubliComm fleet, news and communication can now be transmitted consistently and continuously around the world.

RepubliComm I will serve the Western Hemisphere.

The second satellite, launched on a solar trajectory is VadOMS, le Vaisseau des Observations Météorologiques Solaire. It will travel to the Earth-Sun Lagrange point, and will hold in that position for the remainder of its functional life. This vessel has a series of observational tools that will allow it to forewarn space command of any solar storms that would cause harm to personnel in space.

The next launch is scheduled for December.