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Assemblyman Demands Redress for Mizouri


7 Floréal CCXIX (26 April 2011)

Continuing his fight for the environment and his First Nation constituents, Assemblyman Honoré Desprès (FN-Gascogne) presented today his legislation pushing for the abolition of all levees along the Louisiannan banks of the Mizouri River, matching similar efforts in Les Plaines and the Unincorporated Territories of the North American League.

“The channelization and damming of the Mizouri have lead to dire results.  We have seen the worst flooding in  recorded history.  We have seen horrific loss of biodiversity.  When will we understand that the European view of controlling nature is neither manageable nor desirable?”

As part of his arguments in today’s session assemblyman Desprès cited the recent changes of attitude by local governments in both the UT and in Les Plaines and the removal of nearly 85% of all levees along the northern and eastern shores of the great river.

Citing statistics provided by the North American League Parliament, losses from flooding in the unfettered zones along the League river bank have been radically reduced since the efforts to restore the river’s natural course began following the flooding of an CCI (1993).

Further data presented from an Assembly Special Commission report dating to last year suggests that the levees along the Louisiannan side are likely to fail should flood levels of reach that of an CCI.

His presentation today was received coolly by assemblymen and assemblywomen from the farming districts along the river.  It is unclear whether the vote on Friday will ultimately favor or reject this proposal.


Capital Metropolitain Opens, Connects to Northern Suburbs


3 Floréal, CCXIX (22 April 2011)
Paris-sur-Mizouri, Louisianne


After years of construction and with much ceremony the First President of Louisianne and the Mayor of Paris-sur-Mizouri proudly announced the opening of the Métropolitain, or Métro serving  many of the suburbs of the capital and greatly improving the service of the  Transports en Commun de L’Agglommération Parizot (TECAP).

Construction of the Métropolitain had been anticipated since the founding of Paris-sur-Mizouri by Assembly mandate some 150 years ago. Although careful planning and construction of the Capital Complex and other government installations had included the construction of tunnels for subterranean trains, these were not in large part used during the construction as they were no longer of sufficient size for modern transit needs.

The rail lines as currently designed serve a primarily East-West and North-South corridor.  Plans and construction of a Péripherique line are also in process, and completion is expected before the end of the decade.

Connections with the Northern NALien suburbs have been completed, including access to the Aérodrôme Les Prés, allowing easy access to the largest aerodrome of the region.

Connection to Yonne is expected to be completed by the end of the year, fully completing the East-West line.

Concurrent construction of a tunnel system for the Saint Louis – Paris-sur-Mizouri – Lyons-sur-Mizouri TGV network have created a subterranean station below the Gare National, and have created a number of smokestacks of sorts to allow for the depressurization and repressurization of the tunnel while the train passes at elevated speed.

This tunnel system has allowed the rerouting of the TGV line for better, more timely service to the Capital, as well. Spokespersons for CFL state that this realignment is an integral part of the New Century Plan for Louisianna and allows for further realignment and expected growth in the Capital region.