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Woman found dead at home of August Busch IV


The Gendarmes of Saint-Louis are investigating the mysterious death of a young 27 year old woman in the home of Brasserie Bavaroise’s Director and CEO, August Busch IV.

The victim, identified of Adrienne Martin, from nearby St Charles was found dead the 29th of Frimaire, CCXX (20/12/2010), but official comment was postponed until today. Due to the sensitive nature of the death, few details have been disclosed. The Gendarmes of Saint-Louis prefecture are investigating the circumstances of the death. An official autopsy has been conducted, and the body of Mlle. Martin has been released to her family who are also conducting a private autopsy.

Local police and pompiers were called to the home located in the affluent banlieu, Frontenac. From the home, Mlle Martin was transported to a nearby hospital in Crêve Coeur, where she was pronounced dead. The forensic administrator announced after conclusion of the autopsy that there were no signs of trauma or illness

Anton Marguis, attorney for Busch and Brasserie Bavaroise spoke publicly to reporters today, where he said Martin was a friend of Busch, and had been visiting the Busch’s home. He further said there was “absolutely nothing suspicious” about Martin’s death.

“It was a tragic death of a young woman.”

Anonymous sources close to Busch and Martin claimed that they were indeed dating. Martin leaves behind her eight-year-old child.

Frontenac police provided an official response via telex to the Etandard of Saint-Louis, but did not say if the death was considered suspicious. Phone messages seeking an interview were not returned. The telexed release did not say why news of the death was not announced until four days after Mlle Martin’s passing.

The telexed statement claimed that a call was received around 1:15 pm, Sunday about an “unresponsive person” at the home. Martin was initially unresponsive when paramedics and officers arrived, the release said. Her condition worsened and she died somewhere en route to the Hospital in Crêve Coeur.

M. Marguis refused to speculate on the steps of the investigation, or the cause of Mlle. Martin’s death. An unnamed law enforcement official averred that the case was considered a possible overdose. M. Marguis would only concur that overdose was among the possibilities.

Friends of Mlle. Martin at a local dance studio said that she had often expressed interest in becoming a nurse or possibly being a model in advertising, in particular, for beer and wine.

M. Busch has been the Director and CEO of Brasserie Bavaroise SA and the International counterpart from 2004. He has overseen a systematic purchase of microbreweries across the plains provinces of the North American League during his tenure as leader of the massive corporation. He divorced his wife of two years in an 216 (2009).

This is not the first woman to have died near M. Busch. In an 192 (1984), M. Busch was travelling across the southern reaches of Tejas with a young tejano woman, when he was involved in a tragic accident, totalling his vintage Dorris Astra, killing the young woman, and giving him a self-proclaimed case of amnesia. He was never charged.

Some pundits have speculated that with recent changes in the Pègre, this was meant as a signal to M. Busch from the newer leadership to comply with their wishes. Investigations are ongoing.