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Sinkhole Closes Toulouse Border Crossing


IBAP: 11 Prairial CCXVIII (1 June 2010).

A sinkhole opened under rail lines and traffic lanes in South-Central Toulouse near the Customs station for the Tejan border just at the evening traffic times. None were reported injured, however traffic was snarled across much of Toulouse as Tejans and Louisiannans who choose to reside in Tejas tried to return home using the few other bridge connections with Tejas.

Investigations into the sinkhole have suggested that it resulted from efforts to widen the rail-lines and traffic lanes. With the restoration of the Tejan monarchy, trade has increased across the border, and CFL and EFT (Empresa Ferroviaris de Tejas) had been working to allow TGV train access from Toulouse to Guachita, with possible further connections to Ciudad Las Vacas, San Antonio and Houston. There are also suggestions of an upgraded rail connection to Cimmaròn and Santa Fe, however current projects only account for the Guachita rail connection.

Normal travel is expected to be restored some time on the 14th (4th) for vehicular travel, however rail travel may be delayed until early next week.