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Legislative Session Closes


At midnight, 19 May 2010 (30 Floréal, CCXVIII), the legislative session of the Louisiannan National Assemblée was gavelled to a close. In the course of the session national export standards were fixed, enabling exporters of Louisiannan cheese, wine, sausage and other goods to ship abroad in both SI and Republican measures or SI measures alone, should the producer so choose. This is expected to have a direct impact on the import concerns of a notable NAL-SLC MP who has complained continuously in the past of the Republican system of measures.

Other notable legislation passed includes further support of earth-friendly energies, favoring wind farms throughout New Navarra and New Cornwall, over more productive technology, such as the Tesla Generators. This was largely due to the lobby of the First Nations, who feel that the Tesla Generators are stripping the soul of the Earth – but that the wind power plants are less invasive.

Throughout much of this session, the Council has been required to spend much more time currying favor with Hilary Rodham Claintaun, who has served as a swing vote between the Centrist Republicains Libres and the Center-Left Loi-Naturelle.

For the remainder of the year the members of Council will return to their respective Prefectures to continue into the second legislative session of the year. M. Yager of Nouvelle Cournouaille will face a re-election battle against two Candidates, Chrétien de Beurre and Sous-Prefect of Les Alpes Rocheuses, Gaspard Dupier. It is widely seen that Chrétien de Beurre will serve more to split the conservative base of the region as M. Dupier is seen as a less volatile candidate, but more conservative than M. Yager.

Pundits suggest currently that M. Yager will garner some 70% of the vote, M. Dupier approximately 20% and M. de Beurre, a paltry 5%.