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Elections for Prefect Underway


IBAP: 3 Messidor CCXVII (22 June, 2009), Lyons-sur-Mizouri, Louisianne

After several legal wrangles extending the initial date for a primary run-off between Jérémy Narbonòsc and Emmanuel Boucher, Fils, a winner has been declared: Jérémy Narbonòsc.

A final election date of 6 Fructidor (August 24) has been set for the final votes to be cast between Jérémy Narbonòsc and Claire Miquasquille for the much contested Prefectoral seat of Osage, one of the most heavily populated regions of Louisianne.

Votes can be cast any time between today and the 24th of August, and the two candidates are now spending quality time with those that have voted for M. Boucher, courting their support for the seat.