Louisianna: Flooding Danger


4 Germinal CCXVII (25 March 2009), Gambettaville, New Navarra.

Flood fears rise along northern rivers.

The Guard National detachment of Gambettaville planned to use rock salt and explosives to blow up a huge ice jam on the Mizouri River near their home city on Wednesday in an unusual effort to control the floodwaters threatening low-lying areas of the city.

Cecilia Foulard of the New Navarran Prefectoral Office said that for the first time since it was built over 50 years ago, the flood waters would be held in the jointly operated Barrage Gambetta to try to contain flooding. NAL-SLC officials were unavailable for comment.

An earlier report that the ice jam had broken was false. The Bureau National Météorologique had reported the jam broken, and warned of a rush of 1 to 2 feet of water toward Gambettaville and cities down the Mizouri. Météorologue Josué Chaumier said the weather service is leaving a flood warning in place for residents of communes bordering the Mizouri and other local rivers.

Officials already had called for more volunteers to help with sandbagging as record amounts of water poured into the Mizouri River from its tributaries.

A military zeppelin carried a detonation team hovered over the Missouri River to assess the situation. Mlle. Foulard said they planned to lay rock salt along the river ice to create a channel and then place explosives in it to break up the jam.

Some of the huge chunks of ice as big as cars broke loose from the Heart River and flowed into the Mizouri near Mandâne.

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