TeleLouisianne: Chrétien de Beurre strikes again


29 Ventôse CCXVII (20 March 2009) Zarahemla, New Cornwall, Louisianna

Chrétien de Beurre has hit the news again, ranting against his favorite target, the Green Carnation Party. He was recently caught ranting to a documentarist about them.

Ils sont le pire ennemi de la Lousianne, une type de cinquième colonne, qui essaient de bouleverser le système de droit et droiture qui nous protège par la grâce de Dieu. Si les adhérents du Parti Œillet Verts et les politiciens qui les soutiennent arrivent à leur but, la Louisianne serait détruit, anéanti, et divisé entre Texas, Oregon et le Ligue Nord-Américain. Le PŒV, c’est presque aussi pire que les texans ou les musulmans pour la liberté des louisiannais.

(They are the worse enemy of Louisianna, a sort of fifth column, trying to subvert the system of rights and correctness that protects us by the grace of God. If the GCP and the politicians who support it get their way, Louisianna will be destroyed, annihilated, and divided between Texas, Oregon and the NAL. The GCP — it’s almost as bad as the Texans or muslims for the freedom of Louisiannans.)

Already government officials of New Cornwall are seeking to limit the damage de Beurre’s comments can cause. Stripped of his roles in numerous committees on the prefectoral level, he maintains his seat in the Parliament of New Cornwall.

When polled on the streets most people agreed that de Beurre served as Louisianna’s version of Geoff “Cosh’em” Sessions, albeit with a decidedly Louisiannan twist.

While no comments of Blue Martians seem forthcoming, de Beurre is a political face of Louisianna to watch for the coming years, if only for comedic value.

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