Coronal Colonization Calamity!


10 March 2009: Coronal Colonization Calamity!
Criminy! Cries Care-worn Caretaker of Coronal Cast-offs

Reporting: Jose Alvarez de los Santos

It was not long ago that I lived in this area, about 10 years ago, I remember fishing off this very causeway in the Bahía Vizcaína. The beautiful bay stretched for what seemed forever to the north and south. Now, in the middle of the formerly pristine bay artificial islands are being constructed, with sand and silt and rocks.

The triquéquidos that lived in these coastal waters have been driven away and replacing them and their quiet waterways are large islands with huge palacios — and not for the latest military junta to take hold of my dear Florida — at least, not a military junta of floridianos.

No — it is the Guenedeses and their hangers on. In total there are thirty islands under construction and a new one or two, or three seem to start every single day.

Sure, they are fine workmanship, and I wouldn’t mind living in a beautiful house after the Veneds go home to the RTC. But what of the bay? What of the peaceful way of life? That is long gone.

For the volume of construction, I fear that we may see the Veneds leaving Veneda for the Lithuanians to run while they enjoy the tropical life of my beautiful Florida.


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