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La Presse Chrétienne “Une Nouveau Parti pour les Chrétien(ne)s” “Quand les mondes religieux et politiques se mêlent.” (3/2009)


Mistralle Aigline is a name that often brings up angry glances in the halls of the Parliaments of Alpes-Rocheuses and Nouvelle Cournouaille, yet when we knocked on the door to her home for an interview, she was not what we’d pictured. There must be some mistake my photographer and I think, exchanging glances. The woman who answers the door says she’s Mistralle Aigline, but this can’t be her. Mme Aigline, some say is among the 50 most powerful people in the northwest of Louisianne, and among the top 15 in the Alpes-Rocheuses. Yet she has never held political office, nor has she sought it.

She looks like the type of person that would lead the local Secours Catholique or Mormon Société de Secour. At 67 she’s a simple house mother in many ways, with a large garden and yard, with her house found in the outskirts of Zarahemla. Her home is simple, and often not room enough to contain her 12 children and 19 grand-children.

“Is this truly Mistralle Aigline?” I think, looking at my photographer.

This is a woman considered to be so fearful, so intimidating that when I contacted a former MP who covered Zarahemla’s region, they asked neither to be identified by gender nor name, for how “scary” Mme. Aigline and her supporters can be. She has at her call an army of women who can descend upon the Parliament building or the Prefect’s office, a woman who dares to express her sometimes vitriolic opinion of very socially sensitive issues.

As co-founder of the Droit et Droite party, and current vice-president, Mme. Aigline has the MP’s of Nouvelle Cournouaille concerned. Her political efforts have sparked opinion papers and official declarations. She has been touted as a nut-case, a christian crusader, and most frequently intolerant. She has been escorted from the halls of parliament for making a row, yet Cournouaillian MP’s fear her and her disfavor.


ATOE Announces Launch of Txitama no Xiya – Earth Viewer


IBAP: 26 February, 2009 (7 Ventôse CCXVII):

Launching from the Louisiannan CNEL Spaceport just south of Saint-Domingue, the Earth Viewer satellite has the strongest cameras and lenses, capable of high resolution to be able to better see meteorological events, but also useful in studying humanity’s effects on the Earth.

“Nous sommes très content” Jean-Louis Cattin said to reporters. “The launch was successful, and the satellite is well on its way to orbit, capable of watching storms that form in the Pacific and South China Sea. It will be able to get timely news to both Japan and Louisianne about storms that will face either country.”

When asked about the orbit of the satellite, M. Cattin only responded that it was a moving orbit, such that it would be constantly shifting in relation to the ground to be better able to image the Earth below, due to the atmospheric lensing. “By allowing the satellite to move it will be better able to resolve the Earth itself, and thus better able to help us predict storms coming at our countries.”

When pressed about the resolution of the cameras, M. Cattin would only state that resolution states were not sure, given the effects of space and the atmosphere, but he expected to be able to see down to a size of some 3 meters at worst. At best, he said, “We should be able to see city streets and cars — nothing invasive, but close enough that we can track tightly the motion of storms, and hopefully build better predictive models, especially useful in the typhoons and tornadoes that regularly afflict our countries.”

Data will be transmitted by wireless to ground stations near the JAXA and CNEL headquarters in Louisianne and Japan.