Louisianne: Let the Mudslinging begin! Pt 2


IBAP: Baton Rouge.
17 Floréal CCXVI (7 May 2008)

Allegations were made by the Républicains Libres today against Marie Landrieu, suggesting that she had been involved in a lesbian love-affair for the past 30 years with actress Atlanta Wells. Pundits have immediately seized on this, citing the frigidity of the marriage between Landrieu and her husband, Frank Snellings, their adoption of two children, and the frequent taking of separate vacations.

The Loi Naturelle responded within the hour decrying this “flagrant and underhanded ‘vaseant’ of their candidate.” It was suggested by the Loi Naturelle spokesman, Michel d’Argile, that this was merely supposition by the Républicains Libres in an attempt to shift public focus from the infidelity of M. Baldi.

Landrieu and Wells were introduced during the filming of Antoinette, as part of the film took place in New Orleans, where her father was mayor. Landrieu and Wells, stated d’Argile, became fast friends and have maintained contact since then, but there has never been any sort of interaction beyond platonic friendship.

Ms. Wells’ publicist refused comment.

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