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Referendum in New Francy


12 February, 2008 (22 Pluviôse CCXVI)

In a special news conference held in the Grande Halle of the Assemblée Nationale, Marie-Claire Gildersleeve addressed a gathering of press in response to the news of referendum in New Francy.

When asked of Louisianne’s official stance on the new referendum that may well turn the Intendancy into a republic, Gildersleeve commented, “Many would suspect Louisianne of taking a firmly pro-Republic stance on the coming referendum of New Francy. Many Louisiannans may even feel this way.

Pundits have noted the common ancestry, and some would expect Louisianne to take a firm line in support of republicanism, as there has been no political love lost between New Francy and Louisianne over the last 150 years.

Speaking of their common ancestry, Gildersleeve said, “We as a nation were forged from the same background as New Francy, and while we have taken separate roads, we have each sought out the ideals of the Revolution, Liberté, Egalité, Fraternité.

“We are pleased to see the populace of New Francy deciding the future of their nation, and support them in this venture. May the voice of the people speak, and may the citizens of that nation decide their future path.

“As fellow Franco-Americans, we will do all in our power to support the legitimate government of New Francy through this period, and hope for a continued existence of liberty, equality and brotherhood, regardless the outcome of this referendum.”

It is expected that Geoff Sessions (MP-Mobile) will comment on this speech during his upcoming appearance on the Lawrence Koenig show.