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Tesla Generators in Automobiles?


Saint-Louis, Louisianne

IBAP: It was announced by the Dorris-Mitçubixi Motorworks today that plans are underway to introduce a new, clean vehicle. The Furacano Season of 2005 was particularly detrimental to the oil processing facilities of of North America. In response to this and growing environmental desires within Louisianne and Japan, Dorris-Mitçubixi Motorworks announced the creation of the “Tesla Series.”

Working with Tesla-Westinghouse, engineers from Dorris-Mitçubixi have begun developing the prototype vehicles, slated for production in 2012. These vehicles would incorporate a smaller version of the Tesla Generator. A special “road-use tax” would be levied on these vehicles to offset the loss of revenue from petrol sales used to the same end. No active prototypes have been demonstrated at present. These vehicles would not be geared for regular citizen use, but rather for buses and juggernauts, such as those used by Covenant Transport.

Scientists from the NAL and other countries remain dubious as to the possibility of tesla powered vehicles. As a corollary to their statement, Dorris-Mitçubixi has invited scientists the world over to contribute to this research.