Saint-Louis, Louisianne
20 Frimaire,`CCXV (11 December, 2006)

Public backlash has already begun following the announcement by Bantam House that it will publish a novelization of the leading conspiracy theory of this summer’s dual assassination. The international publisher from its Saint-Louis offices that it has optioned the exposée by Daniel D. Hicken, based on first-person accounts by those involved, including political figures from the RTC, Japan and Louisianne.

Claiming to have written this story under the auspices of Mme. Young, Hicken has gotten approval of the story from both Mme. Young and Mme. President Gildersleeve. It is anticipated that the novel will be published in New Amsterdam, Saint-Louis and Warsine simultaneously to meet demand of readers, as all three nations are featured heavily in the novel.

Zowan Sasometany was unavailable for comment at time of publication, but he, as well, figures largely into the story.

Activist groups in the NAL decry the attacks against the American Leadership Conference as contained in the books, and Mr. Gore’s office has been offered the rights to review the novel before publication by Bantam House.

Advance copies have been released to literary review agencies, and publication release is set for January 16, 2007.

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