Asian Tour by Gildersleeve


Madame Marie-Claire Gildersleeve began her visit to the Far East on Sunday September 24th as her first official act as First-President of Louisianne. When asked if she were negating the honor due to slain President Jean-François Young, Gildersleeve said simply, “This is what he would do. We cannot allow detractors to stop us.” She stopped first in Xinjing, Beihanguo, then Chengu, Nanhanguo. Today she will be visiting with Bao Long, or Ho Chi Minh regarding trade agreements between Louisianne and Nam Viet.

Following her meeting today, she will travel north to Quiotò where she will meet with the Imperial Regent to discuss the current state of diplomatic affairs between Louisianne and Japan. Current weather estimates suggest that Mme. Gildersleeve may well be in for an extended stay in Yamato as there is a growing tropical disturbance in the Pacific that looks to move into range of Japan in the next few days.

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