Agence France Presse News Feed for Lundi 11 septembre, 2006


Vendredi, 9 septembre, 2006

A man thought to be a disgruntled postal worker rammed his car into the historic post office in downtown Besançon today, and investigators fear that the man had been encouraged by Lou Parti di Biou. The driver was killed on impact, but no one was otherwise injured. Fire damage from petrol that ignited from the vehicle did cause damage to some of the neighboring buildings.

The Parti has been stepping up its efforts to gain their freedom from France, with car-bombings and riots turning much of the poorer neighborhoods of Burgundy and Franche-Comte into war zones. But the rich neighborhoods are not unaffected, as just last week a couple was found gruesomely murdered in their home. The husband, Jean-Pierre Van Tander was a former prefect who had staunchly opposed the semi-autonomy movement. His wife, Genevieve is thought to be an unfortunate casualty.

Sniper attacks have also become common, and the GIGN has been called in to the downtown regions of Besançon, Dijon, Dole and Lons-le-Saunier to catch or kill any would-be assassins.

Samedi, 9 septembre, 2006

The Louisiannan GIGN has successfully brought to an end the hostage situation in the Presidential mansion. Frankie Young, his mother and siblings are all reported in good health, if shaken by events.

The perpetrators have been subdued and are under questioning by Gendarmes at this time.

The funerals for Guenaelle Blouchard and Lucas Perigord are to be held late Monday, and they will be given state honors posthumously for their support against the terrorists.

Lundi, 11 septembre, 2006

The prefectures around Louisianne are enacting legislation today in near unison to ban the Action Française as a political party and an extended investigation is underway to root out the perpetrators of the hostage situation.

The Action Française were rumoured to be trying to get Frankie Young installed as King of Louisianne.

Lundi, 11 septembre, 2006

DCRG investigation has ruled out any evidence of Pegre involvement in the fire that destroyed the Credit Agricole in downtown Grenoble. The names of the two victims in the vault have not yet been released. It is sure that it was a stray match that one had used to light a cigarette started the blaze.

DCRG is currently investigating allegations that the couple that entered the vault were actually members of the much feared Parti di Biou, fast becoming known as the most violent separatist group in Europe.


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