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Louisiannan Elections


Paris-sur-Mizouri, Louisianne
19 Fructidor, CCXIV.

It was announced today by the council that elections will be held early, with the replacement First-President taking office a few days early. In the meantime, the Council will step-up and maintain all foreign visits that President Young was going to have.

At press time, candidates for the First-Presidency are as follows:

Luthériens Démocratiques Populaires (LDP):
No candidate offered, forming a coalition with the RL.

Législateurs de la Moralité Chrétienne (LMC):
Albert Didier

Loi Naturel (LN):
Benct Olaf Norbin

Free Republicans (RL):
Marie-Claire Gildersleeve

Parti Ecotopique (PE):
Misha Kregovich Coubertin

Analysts from TeleLouisianne suggest that the vote will be split as

LDP/RL: 60%
LN: 25%
PE: 10%
LMC: 5%
Other: 5%


Norbin has rescinded his bid for First-President and is instead vying for the opening of the Prefect seat of New Gaul. Another candidate has been brought forward by the Loi Naturelle, Frederic Odin Moulinier.


Newsday in Review, 18 Fructidor CCXIV (9/5/6)


Paris-sur-Mizouri, Louisianne

Yesterday afternoon (17 Fructidor) there was a police chase across most of central Paris-sur-Mizouri. At present the Gendarmes and Police National have not revealed the subject of their chase. There were fortunately no casualties, however a number of pedestrians were admitted to local hospitals to treat wounds sustained in evading the reckless drivers.

Florissant, (Saint-Louis) Louisianne

In the suburb Florissant a bank was the subject of at least three violent crimes. Near noon yesterday a robber proceeded to rob the bank, shooting and killing the bank manager. Police were called to investigate, and it appears that late last night the robber returned to the scene, presumably killing both the Captain of the Police National and Yves Bournan of the Gendarmes, although both bodies had been removed from the scene by their assailants. It is expected that trawls of the Mizouri and Mississippi down river will uncover the corpses of the victims.

St. Louis, NAL

Early this afternoon Louis-Antoine Bourbon-Le Moyne, Prince-in-exile of Louisianne boarded his airship from the St. Louis aerodrome bound for a humanitarian conference in Europe.


Newsday in Review, 17 Fructidor CCXIV (9/4/6)


Paris-sur-Mizouri, Louisianne

In the quiet National Cemetery, President Jean-François Young’s interment was proceeding apace this morning, and all dignitaries were properly somber. Louis Antoine Bourbon-Le Moyne was even in attendance, the first royal to attend the funeral of a First-President in the course of our nation.

As the widow and her children were casting fistfuls of dirt on the President’s coffin a man began screaming and running toward the First Family. He identified only at this time as a Neofrancien. This man was taken into Gendarmes custody once subdued.