Ouaren Gough Apprehended!


August 29, 2006, Las Vegas

In a raid on the industrial complex of Las Vegas Ouaren Gough and his FLDS band were intercepted by Alta California forces. Some of the band managed to escape toward San Jorge de la Virgin (Saint George), but have been followed by Louisiannan air support. Those that were not subdued by the Louisiannan Air Force were intercepted and pacified by a contingent of Alta Californio militiamen.

There have been claims by FLDS supporters in Louisianna that it was an FLDS partisan that effected yesterday’s assassination, but none of the suspects arrested have expressed ties to the FLDS.

Gough and his surviving apostles are being transported to San Diego for trial at this time. Some suggest that he will not be executed, as he would become a martyr to the FLDS cause.

—La Voz Reporting–

Ouaren Gough Apprehended!

August 29, 2006

In a raid at El Complexo Industrial de Las Vegas, Ouaren Gough and his band of traitors were apprehended by Californio forces. A few escaped toward San Jorge de La Virgen , but were followed and apprehended by both Louisiannan Air Force men and Californio militiamen who recently formed to round up FLDS members working subversively in the Las Vegas area.

Surprisingly, all members have been apprehended, and have been shipped with high security to San Diego to await trial. Gough is quoted as saying “The FLDS is ordained by God. We will be victorious, and we will bring Alta California to its knees. We have many more supporters than you know. Deseret shall rise up against Alta California, it is God’s will!”

Speculation about the outcome of the trial is that Gough will indeed by executed for his treason against Alta California. His supporters in Louisianne appear to be few and far between. A poll conducted in the Lago Grande area suggest that an overwhelming 80% of people polled support execution.

“His followers would have murdered my husband and sons, and would have brought me and my daughters into slavery had we not been away visiting my mother in Los Arroyos. I want to see him swing for the terror and bloodshed he and his followers brought to Lago Grande.” said Teresa San Fermín.

Californio officials refuse to give a trial date, but it is assumed that it will happen within two weeks. Most analysts agree that Gough will be executed, but they have not ruled out the possibility that he and his followers will be sent to a maximum security prison somewhere in Alta California, and segregated from contact with each other. There is a wide rumor that a prison is being built especially for Gough and his followers on La Isla de Santa Barbara offshore from Alta California. If such rumors are true, it would make escape nearly impossible due to the frigidity of the waters, swift currents and remoteness of the island.

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