Little Yamato Festooned



Lyons-sur-Mizouri, Louisianne 11 Fructidor CCXIV

Despite the threat of rain, Little Yamato, the largest contingent of Japanese outside of the home islands, is festooned in preparation for the arrival of the Emperor and First-President Jean-François Young. Meetings with local dignitaries will begin with an extended luncheon starting at 12:00 LST.

First-President Young and Her Majesty the Emperor will be visiting Japanese “quartiers” of Louisianne over the course of the next few days, after which time the two dignitaries will fly back to Japan, visiting major cities there where Louisiannan business has begun to flourish. The tour will be capped with the launch of the Sarutahico carrying the space habitat that will be used to test the effects of space on humans.

A public poll suggests incredible excitement at the arrival of the two figures, and it is expected that despite the threat of rain the motorcade will pass slowly through the throngs of citizens on its way to the luncheon at noon.

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