Les Plaines Radio Transcript, 28 August, 2006
(As broadcast by a radio station from Les Plaines at 12:00 LST)


The First-President’s motorcade is now turning onto the Rue Honxu, and it will be only a matter of minutes before they arrive at the Civic Centre for their luncheon today. I was on the river freeway earlier this morning and it was jam-packed with spectators waiting their chance to see both the First-President and Her Majesty the Emperor of Japan.

It-It appears that something has happened to the motorcade…

I repeat; something has happened in the motorcade route. There’s numerous people running up the hill here in Quiùxù Plaza alongside Rue Honxu. Several gendarmes are running toward the motorcade as I speak…stand-by!

Just a moment please! Something has happened in the motorcade route! Please stand-by.

L’Hôpital Dieu-There has been a shooting-L’Hôpital Dieu has been advised to standby to treat a severe gunshot wound. I repeat a shooting in the motorcade in the Little Yamato district. L’Hôpital Dieu has been advised to standby to treat a severe gunshot wound. The First-President’s car is now going past me.

It is driving at a very fast rate of speed, exceeding the speed limits, leaving the motorcade behind. Republican Guards are standing upright in the limousine, armed with sub-machine guns. It appears that someone in the limousine might have been hit by the gunfire.

The First-Presidential car is coming up now; we know it is the First-Presidential car. I can see the pink suit that Mme. Young was wearing. A Republican Guard is spread-eagled over the top of the car. We understand that Her Majesty the Emperor and the Prince-Consort are in the car, as well as Mme. Young.

We can’t see who has been hit, if anyone has been hit! But apparently something is wrong here, something is terribly wrong here.

I’m following the motorcade en route to L’Hôpital Dieu. We’re on the road to L’Hôpital Dieu, with the Republican Guard still spread-eagled over the First-President, his wife, the Empress and the Prince Consort. At this point, it looks like it could have been one, or two, or all four occupants of the car who have been victims of the shots fired-we don’t know.

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