First Family’s Festive Flight


Le Matin, Paris-sur-Mizouri, Louisianne

24 August 2006

Boarding l’Aigle, Jean-François Young and his family flew from the Paris-sur-Mizouri Aerodrome en route to the Wedding festivities of Antoine II Bourbon-Le Moyne and Princess Aquico of Micasa. This is the first time since the Revolution that a First-President has shown support to any member of the Royal Family.

In an interview last week Louis-Antoine Bourbon-Le Moyne expressed gratitude upon learning of the support of the First-President and his family for the event. While in New-Francy the First-President has a conference with the Intendant scheduled regarding a relaxation of media regulations between the two countries to increase growth of the Gallosphere.*

*The Gallosphere is the francophone media and cultural world shared between France, Louisianne and New Francy, principally, and all former French colonies around the world.

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