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ATOE Launch Imminent


19 August, 2006 (2 Fructidor CCXIV),

Paris-sur-Mizouri Louisianne

A press-release was issued today that the first segment of a space-based habitation would be launched, depending weather, on September the 8th from the Tanegaxima Cosmodome. President Jean-François Young and Her Majesty The Emperor of Japan are expected to be in attendance for this first effort to place humans in space for small periods of time to learn what changes come to the human body. This habitation would allow the Cosmonauts to begin work on the Raitxò cores of the Sarutahico rockets which will be converted to habitation environment for the planned Çuxima space station. This habitation core will become the center of the station, and will eventually be converted to an industrial scientific and experimentation zone.

The Kemrese doctors employed by ATOE are especially happy for this event, as they will be able to test their theories on the effects of space on humans.


Arrests Foiled, Arrests Made! (La Suite / Followup)


6 Fructidor, CCXIV (23 August 2006)

Alpes-Argentés, Louisianne

After intensive questioning the group that was responsible for the bombing in Rontalon and attempted bombing in Grignors have proven them to be aspiring terrorists and nothing more. Searches of their homes have yielded no plans, no weapons aside what was to be used in the bombings of Grignors and Rontalon, and it is apparent at this time that there were no plans afoot to attack any but local officials.

Security remains on a heightened alert for the Members of Parliament, Prefects and First-President.


First Family’s Festive Flight


Le Matin, Paris-sur-Mizouri, Louisianne

24 August 2006

Boarding l’Aigle, Jean-François Young and his family flew from the Paris-sur-Mizouri Aerodrome en route to the Wedding festivities of Antoine II Bourbon-Le Moyne and Princess Aquico of Micasa. This is the first time since the Revolution that a First-President has shown support to any member of the Royal Family.

In an interview last week Louis-Antoine Bourbon-Le Moyne expressed gratitude upon learning of the support of the First-President and his family for the event. While in New-Francy the First-President has a conference with the Intendant scheduled regarding a relaxation of media regulations between the two countries to increase growth of the Gallosphere.*

*The Gallosphere is the francophone media and cultural world shared between France, Louisianne and New Francy, principally, and all former French colonies around the world.