New Alliance in Deseret?


(As reported in the Nieuw Amsterdam Times)

August 21, 2006

The full body of a letter was released from the Ministry of War in San Diego today, coupling with a letter released from Governor Rodrigo Vasquez later this afternoon. The two letters come together to bring forward the newest revelation in the ongoing situation in Lago Grande.

In what is seen as a move toward consolidation of the region the Deseret Freedom Fighter’s leader, Joseph Hyrum Taylor and the DFF have pledged allegiance to Alta California, reversing their long fought-for bid for independence in a bid for semi-autonomy rather than deal with the likes of Ouaren Gough.

In the letter Taylor said:

“…I do not offer a surrender from the Deseret Freedom Fighters. I cannot. As a people we have agreed to seek our goals of self-rule working within the bounds of the government of our nation, Alta California. We have no goal for autonomy. We have a goal for peace…

“We tire of Ouaren Gough and his ilk. Our people are dying at his hands and we are sick and sad in our hearts. From this day forward, we will not fight for a freedom that will never come, but a peace that will come and will last.”

The letter released from Governor Rodrigo Vasquez has stated that “[Alta California] welcomes the support of the Deseret Freedom Fighters. They will be taken in as a regiment of the Army to serve in the region until such time as the war against Gough ends, at which point they will be offered positions in the new police force of the region as their commanding officers recommend.”

Presidente Schwarzenegger was unavailable for comment.

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