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Flood Cleanup in the Galilea Valley


12 August, 2006


Clean-up continues in the Galilea Valley, and the death-toll remains around 100 persons total. Most of these were farmers and ranchers who lived up the Cañón Timpanogosa who were caught unawares when the dam was detonated.

Ouaren Gough, his brother Abel and the militia have recently been seen in the vicinity of Fuerte Buenaventura near the northern end of the Gran Lago Salado. Louisiannan reconnaissance flights are continuing, but there are rumors of the FLDS possessing anti-aircraft weapons.


Paris Terror


Neuilly-sur-Seine, Paris, France
Friday, August 11, 2006

In near simultaneous explosions two bombs heavily damaged two health care facilities in Neuilly-sur-Seine, part of the Parisian banlieu. It was hoped and feared that this was another case of Helvetian cooking gone awry, however the bombings were claimed by Lou Parti di Biou, the militant arm of the Ligue Bourgignonne. Most heavily damaged was the Hospital Américain on the Boulevard Victor Hugo. Windows in the Rue Chauveau were blown out by the explosion.

This is the third in such bombings, part of a campaign by Lou Parti di Biou to secure independence of Grand-Burgundy, a separate country. In recent years there has been an upsurge of regional pride, resulting in a resurrection of the Burgundian trilled “r”, heretofore maintained only in Louisianne and moribund in Bourgogne itself.

Other attacks have targeted banks and metro lines. Police are on high alert in Paris and across the country.