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Conflict Escalates in Lago Grande/Deseret!


8 August, 2006


Ouren Gough and his miscreant Apostles succeeded today in destroying Lago Merom, a man-made lake from the damming of the upper Río Jordán. The resultant flood destroyed a wide swath of the northern Galilea valley, threatening the orchards of Ciudad San Benito, but causing minor damage. The resulting rise in lake level inundated agricultural land along the edges, however damage was minimal.

Loss of life is still uncalculated, but it is suspected that the FLDS had managed to infiltrate one of their following into the dam’s hydroelectric crew.

Louisiannan air strikes have destroyed the major cities and supply points for the FLDS offensives, and the Alta-Californio Army has secured much of the province, however Gough’s guerilla tactics have had a powerful toll on the morale of citizens and army officers alike.