Uncontested Prefect’s Race


18 Thermidor, CCXIV
Pamplona, Nouvelle Navarre, Louisianne

Nefi Ivarsson is the picture of calm as he sits in his office in Pamplona. He’s up for re-election this year, and while most prefects and elected officials would be frantically glad-handing the public, Nefi Ivarsson fidgets with the cards he’s using to play solitaire.

Why so calm? With an approval rating of 95% and opinion polls never happier with him, Ivarsson expects a landslide, even with the announcement today that Ivarsson’s predecessor, Akecheta Lakota, would be running for the high-office again.

“Akecheta and I have visited extensively. He’s mostly running for his tribesmen who feel it a matter of honor that they be represented in this race, having been lead by a white-man for these last 7 years.”

The only other candidate on the radar is Willy Nägli from a liberal Hutterite colony just outside of Pierre. As most Hutterites have been firmly behind Ivarsson since he was first elected, Nägli will most likely be a minor detractor.

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