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Labor Leader Arrested


Labor Leader On Trial

11 Thermidor, CCXIV (31 July, 2006)

Shrèveport, Saint-Onge, Louisianne

Jacques Chevalier was arraigned today in Saint-Onge Superior Court on charges of bribery, embezzlement, money laundering, and surprisingly accomplice to a murder. All told, M. Chevalier could face life imprisonment.

In a pre-recorded message, M. Chevalier requested that partisans of the Labor Unions not exact revenge against the government, and avowed that justice would be reached through this trial.

M. Chevalier was consigned to jail without bail, and has been moved to an undisclosed, secure location.


Graft Investigation Turns Deadly


19 Thermidor, CCXIV (7 Aug 2006)

More than a month has passed since the MP FisGeoffreys was found dead in his home with his family in Pairial. Rumors of Tejan involvement have proved unfounded, but there is a clear line of questioning toward La Pègre and Labor Unions, which has been and is currently under extensive investigation.


Uncontested Prefect’s Race


18 Thermidor, CCXIV
Pamplona, Nouvelle Navarre, Louisianne

Nefi Ivarsson is the picture of calm as he sits in his office in Pamplona. He’s up for re-election this year, and while most prefects and elected officials would be frantically glad-handing the public, Nefi Ivarsson fidgets with the cards he’s using to play solitaire.

Why so calm? With an approval rating of 95% and opinion polls never happier with him, Ivarsson expects a landslide, even with the announcement today that Ivarsson’s predecessor, Akecheta Lakota, would be running for the high-office again.

“Akecheta and I have visited extensively. He’s mostly running for his tribesmen who feel it a matter of honor that they be represented in this race, having been lead by a white-man for these last 7 years.”

The only other candidate on the radar is Willy Nägli from a liberal Hutterite colony just outside of Pierre. As most Hutterites have been firmly behind Ivarsson since he was first elected, Nägli will most likely be a minor detractor.


All Ashore That’s Going Ashore


19 Thermidor CCXIV (7 Aug 2006)

La Salle, Saint-Onge, Louisianne

With a flourish of the pen, Captain Christian Grabe of the HMS Carlskrona signed the discharge papers of Henrik Lyngstaed from the HMS Carslkrona. Lyngstaed is the last of Louisiannan volunteers to the Privateering fleet of the Scandinavian Realm who signed up during the Florida War. At the end of the gangplank stood Rear Admiral Louis Mareshal Odequirk, who shook Lyngstaed by the hand and wished him safe travel in all that he would do from this time forward.

Declining comment, Lyngstaed was quickly surrounded by his family who had voyaged from Nouvelle Navarre to greet him. Lyngstaed is to be awarded the Republican Palm for the service he rendered indirectly to Louisianne.

– Henri Vankrikonge, IBAP