Excerpt, Frankie Ozarque Show


OZARQUE: So, mes amis, the word is that the Couvernians…I mean, Couronians are at it again. They propose “free elections” for Miami in November. Too good to be true, you think? Well, wait for this, folks … they won’t take just anybody.

No … They’ve got people with “the right stuff” people that have been brainwashed with loving care by the RTC overlords to lead the people to a bold new future as the latest colonial conquest of Europe in the Americas.

Honestly, I wonder what was so wrong about the Destino Castellano, at this point. I think the Floridians are saying the same damned thing! Hell, I’d take Jaime Bush, or, even worse, General da Silva over these Erdekans who don’t know their arse from their nose!

Well, enough of that. I’m bored with that. Let’s listen to the latest hit by Louisianna’s own Êtres Vivants, “Bom Bom Bomme.”

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