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The Bridal Shower of the Century (VANITY FAIRE)


Bright lights, red carpet, and hundreds of beautiful women. It sounds more like a movie screening, but this was the gala bridal shower of Princess Aquico of Micasa.

The guest list read like a who’s who, with famous persons coming from around the world. Among the stars, royals, politicos and nobles were many from the League of Noble Emigrees, including Nicola Vlas-Florea. Invitations were sent to the royal houses of Europe, however few actually attended, although many sent their warmest personal regards and fine gifts.

Surprise attendees were Anaïs Michelle Bouvier Young, First Lady of Louisianna and Anne-Laure, her daughter, a college friend of Princess Aquico.

When questioned about her attendance, Mme Young proudly announced, “Our son Frankie and daughter Anne-Laure have made good friends with Antoine II and Aquico. It’s only fitting that we support their fine friends in this happy occasion. We wish them all the best on behalf of Louisianna.”

The eight hour affair included spa treatments, dancing, fine dining and a cultural showcase by the Ainu people of Japan.

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