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July 10, 2006

Onlookers were shocked as a troop of SNORist soldiers marched from their limousine into Costume Night at Plush, one of the hottest clubs in Boston. Among the crowd? Antoine II Bourbon-Le Moyne and his, some would say, lap-dog, Frankie Young, son of Louisiannan First-President Jean-François Young.

The group was raucous and spoke with thick Russian accents the whole evening, but were otherwise well-behaved in this upscale club. The furor ignited when the group were confronted at 2:00 AM, NEST outside the club by a local group of Anti-Snorists who proceeded to taunt and otherwise harass the college students as they waited for their limo.

According to reports, the taunts escalated, becoming more and more directed at the Prince in Exile and Young and their dates. When one of the drunken Anti-Snorists made a grab for one of the female companions Young threw a punch, and a general fight broke out, and it was only ended by the arrival of local constables who arrested the entire group.

Young was released on his own recognizance as were his compatriots when the investigation proved there was no fault on their parts. Calls from Anti-SNOR groups across the NAL and Louisianne have requested that Young apologize personally for his distasteful choice, but to present only a family spokesman has expressed the family’s apologies.

This is not unexpected, as Frankie’s father, Jean-François Young was known to be a carouser of women and general trouble-maker in his college days, being arrested for disorderly conduct several times, yet each time being released on his own recognizance.