New Amsterdam Times, Editorial:


Damon Ratcliffe, guest commentator from the Lyons-sur-Mizouri “Etoile”

Governments in the west, watch out. The times of colonialism are, evidently, far from over. In today’s Warsine Life (Wita Warsinie), a story announced that a Governor-General has been appointed for the RTC Occupied Zone of South Florida.

Venedic West Africa is ruled by a Governor-General. Are we to have a Venedic South-Florida? As a former Floridian, this makes me cringe. I was hopeful that we might actually see peace in the region. As nice as Louisianna has been in my sejour of 25 years, I would like to return to the land of my birth.

As it stands we’ll have competing forces in the Caribbean Basin. If the government the RTC establishes is as weak and inefficient as their occupation force has been, there will soon be a power-vacuum and only a matter of time before another junta fills the gap and we revisit Florida-Caribbea and the horrors it stands for.

It’s a good thing I’m not General-Moderator. I’d declare an invasion today and secure the whole of the peninsula. The last thing we need is a renewed colonialism. That ship has sailed. It’s time to support the Irish plan of a highly decentralized federal government of South Florida.

Floridians chafe under the rule of strangers. Despite all the good news that makes it to international light, it has been tough going for the Irish, and only in recent months have the Floridians come to trust them to honor their word. When the Irish bow out gracefully, and West South Florida comes to its own, what will Veneda face? Even the casual observer can see that Floridians know how to fight.

While I’m drinking myself blind tonight I’ll raise a glass to Aldendorf and his bumbling, misguided government. With the failure looming ahead of them, they’ll need all the well-wishing they can get.


Damon Ratcliffe has written several guest columns for the Times, and is currently a guest professor of journalism at Nieuw Amsterdam University.

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