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A Bridal Shower to Remember (VANITY FAIRE)


BOSTON, Massachussets

July 17, 2006

A gala event will unfold one week from tonight in the grand ballroom of the five-star Hotel Marlowe. Princess Aquico of Micasa, cousin of the reigning Emperor of Japan will host an exclusive Bridal Shower event, inviting the heads of royal families, dignitaries and some of her select friends.

When she first appeared in Boston, few knew her station in life, and she was quick to make friends. It was only after she garnered attention with her high-profile engagement to Antoine II Bourbon-Le Moyne, Prince and King in Exile of France and Louisianna that her title of Princess was known.

The event is expected ot last all day, with luxury spa treatments for the attendees, and it is rumored that a good number of the Japanese Imperial family will attend, as well.

Vanity Faire has been given exclusive rights to cover this event, and will publish a special edition just covering the incredible events of this spectacular event.