The Burning Ruins of Salt City



July 10, 2006

Today, much of Salt City lays in burning ruins. On July 9th, militants of the FLDS descended upon the city, setting it ablaze, and abducting the women and young girls. Anyone who stood in the way of the terrorists were brutally murdered or mutilated. They also attacked religious structures, including the Iglesia de San Lázaro, Convento de San Fermín, and the Capilla de San Pedro de Galilea, the original Catholic church in Salt City. Several monks were found murdered, others were found missing eyelids and lips. The nuns at the Convento de San Fermín were taken.

“It’s frightening, until now they were more like one of the gangs which pass through here from time to time, but this time they’ve gone too far. It’s disgusting what these perverted pigs have done. They should be hanged publicly for this atrocity. My brother’s wife and his daughter were taken like hunting tropies. Fortunately my wife and I were visting relatives in Las Vegas but out house is in ashes.” said Porfirio Murrieta.

There have been widespread protests and calls throughout Alta California, Montrei, and even Tejas for the execution of the terrorists. “We must stop these people. For too long the government and local authorities have had their hands tied trying to control the region. It’s time to take action.” said Rosario Sevilla.

Others blame the government for what they say is inaction. “For decades, the government has forgotten us, leaving us with the bare minimum of protection while it fought Tejas in the southland. Now that the war with Tejas is over, where is our salvation?” asked Joaquin Murrieta.

Survivors were taken to Ciudad Galilea and treated for injuries at the city hospital. The government has begun to increase fortification of the city, and installing military checkpoints outside of the city and nearby towns.

Territorial Governor Rodrigo Vazsquez commented “We need all the help we can get from the federal government. These pedophiles must be stopped. It’s time the government of Alta California step in and try to control these people and other groups like them rather than just taking a defensive stance.”

President Schwarzenegger has called for increased military presence in Deseret citing the possibility that these attacks could increase. “These are not just murders and abductions. These are an offense to the Californio people, they are crimes against humanity. I would like to extend a call to our neighbors for help. We will accept any aid offered, as this incident could inflame areas even outside of the so called Deseret region.”

President Schwarzenegger is expected to meet with President Young of Louisianne later this week.

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