Louisiannan Support to Alta California


Paris-sur-Mizouri, LOUISIANNE

20 Messidor, CCXIV (10 July 2006)

President Jean-François Young announced today the support of Louisianne’s recently acquired Spretu fighters and zeppelins, should Alta California choose to accept them.

There has been no response for Alta California as yet. Analysts and pundits alike have commented on the change in the relationship between Louisianne and Alta California. It was only a few years ago that Louisianne proceeded to bomb what is Alta Californian territory as they sought to bring an end to domestic terrorism. Fortunately for Louisianne, Alta California was embroiled in the cold war along the Rio de Sangre at the time, and gave no thought to the bombing missions.

Some pundits would suggest that President Young and the government in general are being much more conciliatory now that Alta California has shown its mettle against Tejas and could launch a full-scale war against Louisianne if they so chose.

More conservative analysts suggest that Mr. Young is treating Alta California as an equal, and as such is offering aid in an area where Louisianne has a strong expertise.

It is expected that Alta California will accept the help from Louisianne to quell the trouble in the border region.

Salt City Still Burns

Salt City is still burning and smoldering as looters and rioters proceed to destroy what was left by the FLDS raiders. With massive thunderstorms and high winds predicted for later this evening, a firestorm is highly possible.

Surviving Ministry leadership has issued a call to its membership to withdraw from Salt City and into Abundance, Kayston and Ranchville, its northern enclaves. Joining the exodus to the south are most of the citizens of Río Jordán, another Ministry settlement. Most refugees of Salt City have been set up in a tent-city near the fruit groves of Ciudad San Benito along the bench of Monte Timpanogosa,
under protection from the Mission de San Benito de Nursia.

Ministry leaders have spent the day in negotiations with governor Rodrigo Vasquez. While the negotiations are proceeding behind closed doors, a prior point of contention has been put aside; Ministry officials have agreed to allow other missions to be constructed in or near Ministry settlements throughout the region.

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