Salt City in Flames!


Great Basin Territory (Deseret), ALTA CALIFORNIA

July 9, 2006

Salt City is in flames. In a concerted attack of the Ouaren Gough and his band of militant “apostles” and disciples, the FLDS militia swept down on the settlement of Salt City near the shores of the Great Salt Lake, killing men and women, destroying homes, farms, and focused on religious structures, including The Bowery of the New and Living Ministry of Jesus Christ of Modern Saints. The Bowery to the Ministry was a precursor to a Temple like that of Solomon in Israel, according to inside sources.

Gough and his band gathered up all the young women they could find, as they are reputed to practice polygamy with a penchant for child-marriages, where young girls, barely of teen years, and often younger are wed to 40 year old men.

“The are pedophiles of the worst kind,” Territorial Governor Rodrigo Vasquez said in his offices in the Mission de San Pedro de Galilea, on a bench overlooking the waters of the Lago Galilea.

“This man has escalated his violent attacks since he usurped power in his cult. They seek out the humble monks who have worked so long with the indians and mutilate or kill them.”

Governor Vasquez is mounting armed groups to guide the survivors of the Ministry at Salt City to Ciuidad Galilea, the de facto capital of the region. Additional supplies and troops are being sent from the more populous regions of Alta California to restore the peace and end the crisis.

The Louisiannan government has offered the service of military strategists to help the Alta Californian government in the death or capture of Ouren Gough and his band. As yet, there has been no response from the government in San Diego.


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