News from Tampa


Tampa, Irish Peacekeeping Zone, South Florida

July 10, 2006

The new proposed flag of South Florida was revealed today*, to mixed review. Sharing colors with Florida-Caribbea, (red, white and blue) but styled on the flag of Castile and Leon, the flag has served as a unifying force for some, for others, only contention.

Juan de Azevedo of Punta Gorda is for the flag. “It’s beautiful. It reminds of the good that did exist in Florida-Caribbea, and the better that happened with Castile and Leon. It’s a sign of a new future.”

Laura Zavala of Tampa disagrees. “It brings back the tyranny. I think that once the Erdekans and Irish leave we’ll be facing another series of Juntas. The only time someone has cared about Florida was under Jaime Bush’s rule.

The proposed South Florida Confederation is proceeding apace, with several prospective member states moving toward autonomy, and the well established Republica Conchesa is completely protected by local Floridians.

Surprisingly, progress has been made in Orlando, but mostly due to aid from East Florida to their Orlando cousins. Only reports of shanty towns in the RTC zone manage to reach news outlets and the RTC occupation force as well as the RTC government remain quiet on the issue. Reporters are routinely blocked as they try to pass from the Irish to RTC zones.

* – The Flag can be found here: http://ib.frath.net/w/Image:Sofla.gif

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