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16 Dead in French Guyana


Le Monde (Paris) – Children Among Dead in French Guyana 4/20/2006

16 citizens have been found dead in a rural Guyanan village according to local Gendarmes. “It has the appearance of food poisoning or even poisoning, but we will not know until toxicology has been reviewed.

The remote village of Loca is mainly accessible via autogyro or blimp in the deep western jungle of Guyana. The Gendarmes were notified by locals who had found the bodies in a house.

An official inquiry is in process. Rumors had begun spreading that it was former Floridian agents, however this is unfounded, and the official police position is that this is food poisoning gone horribly wrong.


IBAP: Nam Viet ‘to oust graft’


HUÊ, Nam Viet; April 18, 2006

Nam Viet’s top leadership has pledged to seek out corruption in its ranks amid a public outcry over a top-level scandal.

Speaking at the 13th Imperial Congress, Nong Duc Manh, Prime Minister of Nam Viet warned that corruption and graft threatened the “stability of the government.”

It was recently discovered that top ministers of the Ministry of Public Works had been embezzling hundreds of thousands, if not millions of pounds worth of government funds to bet on football matches and buy luxury cars, as well as houses, and prostitutes.

Transport Minister Tran Duc Luong and Utilities Minister Phan Van Khai resigned over the issue earlier this month, saying that this scandal must somehow be repaired, and they would begin change by their
resignation. “We are saddened and sick to heart at the disgusting use of public funds, and by resigning take full responsibility for the failings of our ministry.”

Prime Minister Manh announced to the congress that this was but the beginning of a structural change, mandated by “Uncle Ho” (Bao Long). “Stronger pressure against the waste of resources and corruption are needed for Nam Viet to join the world on an equal footing.”