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Increased Personal Freedoms for Louisianne?


6 Germinal CCXIV (27 March 2006)

President Jean-François Young stood before the National Assembly and asked for new legislation to reduce the number of Closed-Circuit Television monitoring stations around the country. “President Mitterand systematically stripped away the freedoms of Louisiannans, and I believe he would’ve effected a dictatorship, had he lived long-enough. Let us reduce the number of monitoring stations around the nation, and especially in our major cities.”

Young went on to clarify that while he wished a reduction, certain key places, like train-stations and government agencies will retain their coverage, as a matter of security. The National Assembly has adjourned to special session to review President Young’s request.


ATOE Launch Success!


March 23, 2006 (6 Germinal CCXIV)

United Kingdom of Ralik & Ratak

IBAP: JAPAN Launches Most Powerful Communications Satellite

Today from the Equatorial cosmodrome, ATOE launched the world’s most powerful communications satellite to date. Failure was feared initially, however the second stage of the rocket did ignite and the rocket did install the satellite into a geosynchronous orbit, the first of its kind. The satellite, dubbed Worldsat 1 in western press. It will cover the Pacific Basin and even be able to pick up transmissions from Louisianne and Moscow.


Huge Blast Rocks Jervan College


March 24, 2006

IBAP: Muelusun (Mulhouse), High Kingdom of Jervaine

Huge Blast Rocks Jervan College

Firefighters and police are investigating the cause of an explosion at a chemistry institute in Muelusun, which has killed one person and critically injured another. A fire continued after the blast around 1200 PMT, and a pall of thick smoke hung over the three story building, and firefighters were evacuating nearby residents for their protection.

While the cause of the explosion is not entirely clear, it has been rumored that the blast was caused by some Helvetian cuisine brought in by a Helvetian exchange student, when splashed by chemicals, and to some reports mixed with Jervan wine. No official report has yet been made. The School of Chemistry is part of a 15 acre campus in the city centre. The blast was heard as far away as 2 miles, and it broke the windows of nearby buildings.


Banco Nacional Buyout!


Friday, March 17, 2006

LE CAILLOU, Louisianne

Credit Louisiannais announced today a restructuring of management in preparation for the purchase Banco Nacional de Tejas. A parent company, Ameribank has been created with new headquarters to be centered in New Sweden because of tax-exemptions the province affords international entities. Ameribank will manage each of the daughter banks separately, allowing each to maintain their own Board of Directors, but with ultimate control remaining in the hands of the Ameribank Board of Trustees.

Final approval of the merger must have approval of the Tejan Parliament, Her Majesty Maria Gabrielle, and the Louisiannan Council. Preparations should be complete by August of this year.