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Louisiannan Graft Investigation Continues


12 Pluviôse, CCXIV

In response to Marie-Claire Gildersleeve’s (Prefect, Saint-Onge) letter decrying the seeming “kleptocracy” of Louisianne, First-President Jean-François Young and the other members of the council have actively begun investigations.

On 1 Pluviôse CCXIV a national anti-graft bill was passed by the National Assembly and the Council. This new law requires that all persons seeking public office from An CCXIV forward will submit to an investigation of their private lives for graft. The Anti-Graft bill describes in detail the criterion that the Committee is to use in judging cases of Graft.

Opponents originally decried the broad-aspect of the bill, as it would allow political opponents to discover any and all misdeeds. However, this fear was allayed as a Committee of Council-appointed representatives would review all cases, and they would be held to strict non-disclosure agreements, the penalties for which are quite severe, allowing for 10 years in prison, should they divulge any information about a politically aspiring citizen.

“It is our hope that this new law will help bring an end to the graft that has saddled our country for so long.” President Young said. “We of the council further set ourselves open for investigation by this same select committee, that our constituents may feel assured of their leaders.”

Currently 50 MP’s throughout the nation of Louisianne have been removed or have removed themselves from office, causing quite a stir as a great number of elections are currently being held to replace those MP’s who have vacated their office.