Louisiannan Humanitarian Effort


January 19, 2006

SAN DIEGO, Alta California

As a gesture by Louisianne to those affected by Arsenic poisoning from early mining efforts, Jean-François Young and the best doctors of Louisianne have been visiting settlements in the provinces of Los Angeles and San Diego. Many Californios have been treated, and the local medical centers have been supplied with the appropriate medications to treat the poisoning.

The Louisiannan government has coordinated with the the government in San Diego, and has promised to continue these medical visits for at least two years.

January 21, 2006

SAN DIEGO, Alta California

Two Louisiannans are wounded and chaos reigns in the East of Los Angeles Province today. In the final planned stop of the Louisiannan mercy-mission an armed gunman stepped from the crowd, shooting at Jean-François Young.

While a security forces endeavored to capture, and later even track down the assailant, their efforts were fruitless. The two Louisiannans, whose names have not yet been released are listed in stable condition, and both are expected to make a full recovery.

When asked about the attack, President Young was quick to say “It comes with the territory.”

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