Markermeer or Markerwaard?


12 January, 2006
Amsterdam, Batavian Kingdom

News agencies were sent scrambling today in the capital as Her Majesty Beatrice d’Orange asked for debate to be re-opened as to the status of the Markermeer. As part of the Zuiderzee Works, the Markerwaarddijk was constructed in 1976, separating the Markermeer from the IJsselmeer in preparation for construction of the Markerwaard.

At the time of its construction, the Markerwaarddijk not only separated the shallow (slightly deeper than one pertica) Markermeer from the IJsselmeer, but opened a rift in the country.

Due to the nature of the peat-bog soils of the Netherlands every drainage project affects the soil levels of the surrounding polders, or diked off regions.

At the time, it was (and is) very strongly believed that construction of the Markerwaard would cause great damage to the former port city of Hoorn. Since then, the Markermeer has remained a fresh-water reservoir, one which served to bolster dikes in the recent drought.

The Queen’s motion, however, is not unexpected, with the ecological success of the Frisian island construction, the Waddeneilanden Project. This project has been undertaken with greatest devotion to ecotopic principles, creating new regions for species that haven’t been able to live in Batavia for years.

The Queen suggested that the debates also consider dividing the Markerwaard into ecological regions to further strengthen the ecology, but also allow for increased growth in the region, growth which has been seen to be fantastic in the recently reclaimed Flevoland polders.

The debate is expected to range over many topics and could quite possibly last for years. When asked what she intended to happen with the debate, the Queen said simply, “I want discussion. I want the best minds to come to bear on this subject, and I want the best decision for the Batavian people.”

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