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Louisiannan Response to Mobilian Violence


13 December 2005

Paris-sur-Mizouri, Osage, Louisianne (IBAP)

In a press release today, Jean-François Young ordered all Louisiannan refugees forcibly brought to Louisiannan soil, offering to have a Louisiannan military escort aid in the transfer of the refugees. “I apologize to all affected families, and especially to the citizens of Meadville. It sickens me that our people would commit such an atrocity.” Plans have been submitted to the NAL Parliament for complete repatriation of Louisiannan refugees by the end of the year. It is expected that Louisianne will make restitution to Mobile for these wrongs. Speaking further, President Young stated, “I have been in communication with General-Moderator Gore and have willingly agreed to allow any Louisiannan involved in this horror to be treated as any NAL citizen, tried by a NAL jury and punished according to the laws of the League.”


Refugee Riots in Mobile


December 11, 2005

MEADVILLE, Mobile, North American League (IBAP)

Fighting and mob violence broke out today in the large refugee encampment outside of Meadville, Mobile. Nearly 1,000 are dead and injured at this time with a continuing body count to ascertain the total number of dead and wounded.

The NAL Home Guard was called out to subdue the rioters, but not before massive damage was done to the village’s centre. Of the 520 native residents, nearly 150 were assaulted, and at present count 25 are dead.

From present estimates, it is likely that the village is irreparably destroyed and will most likely become a ghost town. Because of the violence of the assault and mob violence against NAL citizens, the Home Guard are now preparing the refugees for expulsion to Louisianne.

Louisiannan officials have strongly agreed to this, and have pledged a willingness to extradition for all involved in the violence against this sleepy mobilian town.