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Newsday, Election Coverage Continues


27 Fructidor, CCXIII (14 Sept 2005)

Chambéon, Nouvelle Cournouaille, Louisianne

The votes are still coming in from the various districts of the Prefecture, and polling is expected to wrap up on Saturday. While there has been no official release of current votes, a TéléLouisianne Exit poll is giving a strong two-thirds majority to Johannes Yager, with Albert Dider trailing near 15 percent, and other minor party candidates taking up the remaining 25 percent. This data is largely skewed, as areas that are strong Didier supporters have been slow in forwarding their votes to the prefectoral seat.

Voile, Alpes-Argentés, Nouvelle Cournouaille, Louisianne

Padrig Maughan announced his thanks to the Luthériens Démocratiques Populaires, but rejected their offer of membership. “President Young and the others of the council belonging to the Républicains Libres have welcomed me back to the fold, and I thank them. I will continue to support the religious right, and will keep the LDP and their constituents as I hold public offices.

New Orleans, Saint-Onge, Louisianne

The flood waters are receding, power is being restored, but the effort is far from over. Much of the lowest areas of the city remain in question, and their future, unclear. Many have returned home, restoring their homes and fighting off looters.

President Young’s authorization for the militia to shoot looters on sight has been heeded, but with moderation, as those seen stealing only food have been arrested and moved out of the disaster area.

The evacuation of Louisiannan citizens from Mobile has proceeded apace, and the Louisiannan government has extended its deepest and heartfelt thanks. “We recognize the brotherly love that Mobilians have extended our people. It is my hope that we will remember this should they ever be in need.”

Mutterings from public officials in Mobile suggested the Hurricane was generated by Martians as a means to inseminate spies into the populace.


Newsday, Special Report: Polls Open In Louisianne


Newsday, 25 Fructidor, CCXIII (13/9/05)

Chambéon, Nouvelle Cournouaille, Louisianne

After the slanderous news reports against incumbent Albert Didier, and the allegations that he was somehow connected with the destruction of one of the many levees of Nouvelle Orleans, M. Didier has dropped a significant percentage in the polls.

C’est simple; il est de même parenté que ces frangins de la PRL.” an old crone quipped. And in truth, if the allegations are verified, M. Didier will prove to be no different than his estranged friends in the Parti Républicain Libre.

This is seen as a major blow for the budding Législateurs de Moralité Chrétienne (LMC). While M. Didier’s standings in the polls have improved since the allegations were made, he is still expected to have a poor showing in the pending elections.

Nouvelle Orléans, Saint-Onge, Louisianne

The Batavian embassy received their countrymen today who have arrived to help in the restructuring and reconstruction of the dams around the city. Prefect Marie-Claire Gildersleeve has approached the Batavians about other cities and locations along the coast of the Louisiannan nation to help shore up the vanishing coastline, which is taking much agricultural land away with it.

Zarahemla, Nouvelle Cournouaille, Louisianne

Johannes Yager placed his ballot in the box to the flash of cameras and the chatter of reporters. Yager said simply “My desire is to usher in an unprecedented period of cooperation and community building. People reaching across boundaries – be they religious or race, political or geographic – to creat a republic that is truly respectful of each individual’s pathway toward life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness must be our hope.”

When questioned about his father’s mining and other entrepreneurial ventures, he stated simply. “My father, one of the great entrepreneurs and philanthropists of this prefecture, taught me that capital – monetary or political – is to be used to benefit others. I intend to continue that tradition.”

Yager has pushed a campaign of economic redevelopment for the westernmost prefecture, seeking to build up an economic and industrial base that will foster long term growth. “Government can’t really create jobs. But government can improve the environment in which the private sector creates jobs,” Yager said.

“I stand before you in the spirit of pure public service – not as a protector of the status quo, but as an agent of change. A vote for me is a vote for that change, a vote to distance ourselves from Party Bosses, men who seek only their own gain, such as would seem the case with Monsieur Albert Didier.”

Alpes-Argentés, Louisianne.

From his office in Voile, Padrig Maughan issued a statement renouncing his membership in the Législateurs de Moralité Chrétienne (LMC). “I joined the Législateurs de Moralité Chrétienne, feeling that there was a missing direction in the Républicains Libres. As the shine has worn away, I see now that I have been duped. I cannot support a party that is simply the evils of prior years redressed in finery. I renounce the LMC, and will return to the Républicains Libres, should they accept me back.”

Word has not been forthcoming from official venues within the RL, however, rumor does suggest that Maughan will be welcomed back, with open arms.

An official spokesman from the Luthériens Démocratiques Populaires has said that should M. Maughan wish, he could join the ranks of the LDP at any time.