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Shady Dealings in Oregon?


13 Fructidor, CCXIII


While visiting Oregon last week as part of his tour to strengthen the border crossings of Nouvelle Cournouaille and protect against possible infiltration by Deseret insurgents, M. Albert Didier, Acting-Prefect is reputed to have visited with Jaime Bush, exiled in Oregon since the end of the 2004 Florida War.

While this sighting has not been certified, it has greatly damaged M. Didier’s standings in the polls. His position is further weakened as the ongoing investigation as to the failed levees of Nouvelle Orleans suggest that they were destroyed using mining explosives, several of whose end caps have come from sites in the newly acquired Alpes Argentés.

Shortly after news of this visit came to light today, other evidence of graft has surfaced. Anatole Desse, Maire of Nouvelle Orleans stands accused of grafting hundreds of thousands of écus in gifts from various construction companies vying for the construction bids for M. Desse’s project to raise Nouvelle Orleans’ street levels.

Pundits are quick to cite the link of M. Desse and M. Didier, both members of the former Parti Républicain Libre (PRL) and new Législateurs de la Moralité Chrétienne (LMC). LMC party leadership has denounced claims of graft, but demand that a full investigation be conducted into both of these allegations.

President Young was unavailable for direct comment, as he was surveying the disaster area. An aide relayed that M. Young was “deeply concerned as to the state of affairs,” and that he wishes “quick and proper solution to these awful, but sadly, not unusual allegations.” The aide quipped that he was sure commentary of Martians would be forthcoming.

Marie-Claire Gildersleeve, Prefect of Saint-Onge has appointed Vice-Maire Raymond Nagin to serve as Mayor of Nouvelle Orleans for the duration of this crisis and the investigation against M. Desse.


Agents Saboteurs on the Loose?


Baton-Rouge, Pontchartrain, Saint-Onge, Louisianne

Rumor is growing that there are Sabotage Agents loose in New Orleans. An unidentified member of the Corps d’Ingenieurs de l’Armee Louisiannaise avered that there was strong evidence of “high-explosives” used to detonate the Hammond Highway Levee.

Official government channels will only say that this levee break is under investigation.


National Government Response (Louisianne)


Paris-sur-Mizouri; 13 Fructidor, CCXIII.

President Young and the Council watched trainloads of National Militia, supplies from the coffers of the LDS church, similar donations from the Diocese of Osage and others moved down the tracks toward the ravaged Prefecture of Saint-Onge. Riding in `the Aigle’, President Young granted an interview.

Q: Why have you mobilized the Guard National, when before this time it has only served as a defencive entity?

A: Simply put, we are mobilizing it in defence. Defence of those in Nouvelle Orleans who cannot defend themselves. In defence of our neighbors and the riff-raff that menace them. With permission from the local government (aside our dear friend Geoff), we are organizing the refugees and guiding them back across our borders into the Loire-Neuf.

Q: Organizing the militia on foreign soil?

A: They are members of the militia, yes. The militia itself is not activated, and the members of the militia are merely serving as civilian leadership to guide the masses across and into waiting camps in the Loire-Neuf. From this starting point we will be moving our citizens to temporary camps in the Garonne-Neuve, Les Ozarques, Mississippi and the Côte d’Or.
(Ed: departments within the prefectures of Osage and Saint-Louis).

Q: And what of those who cross from Pontchartrain and La Salle? What of the Pays-Lointains?

A: We are working closely with Mayor Desse and Governeur Rochambeau to re-direct the tide of refugees. We will be directing our people in a massive effort to restore the infrastructure. As most of these people will not be able to return to work until some time, months from now, we will use their help in restoring infrastructure, cleaning up the cities and towns.

Q: And the looters? Surely you realize that a great percentage of the population is looting and pillaging our cities.

A: That I sadly do realize. It is because of that that the entire Prefecture of Saint-Onge is under martial law, and those caught looting will be sentenced immediately to forced labor at our national minimum wage until they repay the damages they have caused. We ask that any of our citizens caught in such acts abroad be treated with the same dignity and severity of the local law, be it Tejas or Mobile.

The Militia of Côte de Châtaigne has been mobilized to protect Nouvelle Orleans, and the National Corps d’Ingenieurs is on the way in special zeppelin to quickly restore the pumping power of the pumps in Nouvelle Orleans, as well as restore the levees that were destroyed.

Q: And what of the rumors that the third levee was detonated by agents saboteurs?

A: No Comment. At this time, anyway. It’s under investigation.