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The Horrors of Nature


In the wake of a massive furacano striking the coast of Louisianne, and the NALien gulf provinces, the death-toll is rising, and the city of Nouvelle-Orléans is under water.

While many were able to be evacuated thanks to the warnings given because of the aerostats and the Bureau Météorolgique National’s new space satellite, there was still a large death toll, and the destruction of many historic areas of the city due to flood. Two massive levees broke along the Mississippi and Lake Pontchartrain, and a third was destroyed in a somewhat questionable circumstances. There is a pending investigation into this last.

Mayor Anatole Desse described the city as “a den of anarchy.” He and the Councillors of the Arrondissements have met in emergency session to procure aid not only from the national government but from other governments world-wide that have a vested interest in the rapid re-establishment of this key port-city.

When asked about the effect of the furacano on the plans to “raise” the ground level of the city, Mayor Desse said flatly “This will of course increase our resolve to build the city up quickly. If we had completed our task years before now, we would not be underwater, but rather, the water would be running off our streets and back to the ocean and river.”

Alphonse Rochambeau of the Pays-Lointains was only quoted as saying, “Like every other lemon thrown at us, we will make a TARTE!” to which he lifted a shot glass of whisky before setting out with his Cabinet to direct relief efforts in the heavily hit twin cities.

President Young has promised national aid, and embassies from New Orleans are en route to the Council Fire and National Parliament of the NAL seeking help in re-establishing the grievously wounded trade route.