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The Power of the Sun on Earth


IBAP; 6/28/2005

Cadarache, Saint Paul-lez-Durance, Bouches-du-Rhône, France

Powerful news broke today as great scientific minds of France, the Federated Kingdoms, the Batavian Kingdom, Italy, the Scandinavian Union and the Empire of Japan announced the completion of construction of our world’s first ever Fusion reactor, known as Iter, in Cadarache, France.

This first Fusion reactor will test important aspects of the Fusion reactor to prepare for full commercial power generation. The tests will study the full range of use, from Ramp-up for power generation, Ramp-down for cleaning, reloading of fusionable materiel, and other safety procedures.

Fusion is touted as the wiser, better nuclear option, as the nuclear reactants degrade fully in a matter of decades, and within days if in a human body.

While ITER will be a functioning fusion reactor, the first viable commercial reactors aren’t expected before mid-century, unless incredible breakthroughs are experienced during the daughter projects of ITER. This is not discouraging to the scientists who are working on ITER. “It’s an important first step, just like the steps taken to uncover Fission as a viable energy source,” said Daffyd da Castreleon, lead FK scientist.


Batten Down the Hatches


22 Prairial CCXIII (6/11/5)

Pays-Lointains, Biloxi.

Alphonse Rochambeau announced today the first possible furicano of the season was bearing down on the gulf-coast. The twin cities are preparing furiously for the pending threat, pulling out the plywood and generators that last saw use in September.

“We are a tough people.” Rochambeau pronounced. “We easily survived the horrors of Floridian occupation. We beat the furicanos of last year; we’ll do it this year as well!”

Despite the furicano season getting an early start there are still plans apace to reveal the restored colonial buildings of central Biloxi and Mobile on 25 Messidor CCXIII (July 14th, 2005)