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Saint-Dominguan Flare-up


Rebel Leader Killed
IBAP, April 7, 2005

Ravix Remissainthe was killed by police following an attempted arrest in the investigation of the death of four policemen in a northern suburb of Port-au-Prince.

The death of Remissainthe has renewed the violence that has been nearly epidemic across the newly-united island nation. Deiniol Moskaluk, a representative of the League of Nations, has confirmed the death of Remissainthe and declared it to be the peace-keeping movements of the Louisiannan, Neofrancien and French forces, seeking to restore peace and order to this troubled paradise.

While some in the foreign press believe that Saint-Domingue is firmly established and merely waiting the final elections this summer, this is not the case, as many former soldiers of the Floridian army hold rural towns across the island hostage.

“We are currently negotiating with Cuba for the re-patriation of these soldiers who have sought so bravely to achieve the goals set for them by their superiors.” M. Moskaluk said to IBAP reporters.

This is the first mention of such a program in the international news. It is not known at the time of press what the Cuban government will say in response to this request.


Saint-Dominguan Dignitary visits Louisianne


Hérard Abraham, Foreign Minister of the new Empire of Saint-Domingue, will speak to a portion of the student bodyspeak at the College of Joseph and Brigham. Abraham has been visiting Louisianne since earlier this month. He is expected to visit the NAL-SLC once he leaves Louisianne at the end of this week.

Abraham became the Foreign Minister once the dominion of Emperor DieuDonné was declared in Nivôse CCXIII (January 2005). Prior to the subjection of Hayti by Florida-Caribbea, Abraham had served as a council member in Aristide’s defiance government.

He was one of three candidates proposed by a “council of sages” brought together by the Emperor to help him in selection of Saint-Domingue’s new government.

M. Abraham is expected to also visit Oregon prior to the end of his visits to the mainland in order to both thank and preserve help for the future.